Friday, September 24, 2010

The Bucket List - December 2008

1. Get married
2. Gave children (3)
3. Buy a house
4. Get a new car (suv)
5. Finish school
6. Get a great job
7. Graduate school for a master's degree
8. Pay off credit card debt
9. Pay off student loans
10. Have a big savings account
11. Buy a new laptop
12. Be completely 100% organized
13. Learn how to cook (classes?)
14. Learn Spanish
15. Learn another language
16. Start a blog
17. Write in a journal every day
18. Write an article for a magazine or online
19. Write a book (published)
20. Become a freelance writer
21. Read 1 book each month
22. Read the whole Bible
23. Pray every day
24. Take an art or craft class
25. Make scrapbooks
26. Make Mom scrapbook or collage.
27. Recycle!
28. Join at least 2 nonprofit organizations
29. Change someone's life
30. Volunteer a few hours each month
31. Organize a charity fundraiser
32. Give up/dedicate a birthday or Christmas to charity
33. Go on a charity/volunteer vacation
34. Run a marathon
35. Swim for a whole mile
36. Complete triathalon
37. Go on a long hiking trip
38. Go camping
39. Climb a mountain
40. Go skydiving
41. Go white water rafting
42. Go skiing
43. Learn how to surf
44. Own a bike and ride it
45. Go up in a hot air balloon
46. Go sailing
47. Go on a cruise
48. Visit all 50 states
49. Live in another country
50. Travel or live in Europe (go back to Rome!)
51. Lose weight and maintain
52. Get back into lifting weights
53. Get professional pics taken (just me and with clee)
54. Be a vegetarian for 1 month
55. Go to disneyland
56. Swim with dolphins
57. Go scubadiving
58. Take my mom on vacation to special place she has never been
59. Learn how to sew (make a piece of clothing)
60. Change jobs until I'm completely happy
61. Take dancing lessons
62. Stay in touch with old friends (email, call, myspace, facebook, etc)
63. Call my family more often
64. Get a tattoo
65. Get my palm read (fortune teller)
66. Learn how to meditate
67. Take a yoga class
68. Take a pilates class
69. Become an expert or teach a class
70. Meet someone new every day
71. Get coco (my dog) a work certificate
72. Go to church on Sunday (become a member)
73. Message all my friends on myspace, facebook
74. Rescue a dog
75. Take horseback riding lessons (ride a horse)
76. Go to museums, art shows, etc more often
77. Attend a wine class, learn about wine
78. "Forgive" people from my past, overcome anger
79. Be positive every day
80. Run 30 miles a week every week
81. Run 2 miles in less than 14 minutes
82. Start my own business/work for myself
83. Go on a picnic with clee
84. Be on Amazing Race!
85. Go 30 days with no soda
86. Go 30 days with no chocolate
87. Learn how to change a tire
88. Say no without feeling bad
89. Meet the President
90. Make a fashion journal (magazine pics)
91. Go to Britney Spears concert
92. Attend a catholic mass
93. Go to drive in movie theater
94. Learn more about how to plants (how to plant and keep alive)